Let's say, I have time settings set to automatic update.

With airplane mode on and off (both cases), would my phone update timezone automatically?

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If your iPhone finds your location and you're in a new time zone, it'll change the time.

With Airplane Mode off: Your iPhone will be silently using location services and will update the time based on your location change.

With Airplane Mode on: GPS and Cellular (two of the three methods an iPhone uses to determine your location) are disabled, but you can enable wifi still. Even without connecting to in-flight wifi, but as long as there is in-flight wifi, your iPhone can determine a time zone change based on location info provided by that wifi network (which Gogo inflight does but I'm not sure about ViaSat).


Yes, it will get the time from the cell towers, check this topic for details.

  • The question asked for airplane mode on and airplane mode off cases. Are you suggesting it will get the time from cell towers when in airplane mode?
    – techraf
    Jun 9, 2016 at 12:29

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