I tried Chrome Remote Desktop but it's very difficult to use, specially because the Windows screen resolution is much higher than the phone's and it has a different orientation.

I remember Android used to have an app called Youtube Remote and I believe this functionality has been integrated into the main Youtube app, but it doesn't remote control Windows, only TVs.

Is there anything similar to the old Youtube Remote for iOS?

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  1. On your PC/Mac, go to http://youtube.com/tv (that's not your usual URL, it's the "Lean Back" mode)
  2. Go to settings -> Pair a Device (on the sidebar, on the PC)
  3. Once instructed to do so, go to your phone and just navigate to http://youtube.com/pair ... if you have the YouTube app, it will ask if you want to open on that app, say yes - if you don't - just move forward
  4. Put the pair code from your PC into the pair box on the phone

Presto - you're driving from your phone.

Essentially, "Lean Back" mode treats your PC like a TV, that's why it works.


Accepted solution didn't work for me. As a workaround I used VLC to play youtube videos and VLC Remote to control it from mobile devices.

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