I have a Mac Mini running the current El Capitan public release and Server app. Server is running the Profile Manager module, and I have an iPhone 5S which is both in supervised mode and enrolled to the Mac Mini.

If I want to change the configuration of the device, I can log into the web backend of Profile Manager, change the config and submit it - which works great. Instead of logging in each time I want to change the profile, I'd like to automate the push of a new configuration profile to this device, wirelessly.

There's a workflow in the Apple Configurator 2 app called Install Profiles on Devices.action which does just this, with the catch that the device must be physically connected to the Mac.

cfgutil (which ships with Xcode) has a command called install-profile which is what the Automator workflow performs, like this for example:

cfgutil -C test.crt -K test.key -e 0x0000000000000 install-profile profile.mobileconfig

As before, it requires the device to be physically connected to the Mac. (it works great, and installs the profile silently too - as the device is in supervised mode)

Does anyone know of a method to install this profile wirelessly to a known device under the control of Profile Manager?

  • I believe you can push this out wirelessly using OS X Server. Have you tried that? – NoahL Jun 8 '16 at 15:26
  • @NoahL Yes, it is true it works wirelessly using the web UI within Profile Manager, but I'd like to automate this task and specify my own .mobileconfig file. – Luke Jun 8 '16 at 16:18

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