I would like to lookup servers cnn runs on for educational purposes.

I issued nslookup www.cnn.com command in terminal and got an error:

;; Got recursion not available from, trying next server
Server:     2a00:ee0:d::13
Address:    2a00:ee0:d::13#53

Non-authoritative answer:
www.cnn.com canonical name = turner.map.fastly.net.
Name:   turner.map.fastly.net
Address: looks like an address in a home network.

Although it lists one server, I don't believe they use just on. Is there something else I must do or is looking up the servers cnn runs on disabled by cnn.


The answer you got was correct.

www.cnn.com canonical name = turner.map.fastly.net.

A canonical name, or CNAME record is a record in DNS servers that define an alias for another domain. In this case "www.cnn.com" points to the domain "turner.map.fastly.net".

As for your server, that's most likely your router that is configured as a DNS cache or DNSMasq server. The error message is fine, it's just telling you that the DNS server that you have listed first in the list of DNS servers doesn't support recursion. It's not an issue.

My personal router is configured as a DNS relay and I don't get the error because it passes all DNS requests except for anything with my defined domain out to the public DNS servers.

  • Isn't the OP's router a DNS relay and you have a normal DNS server? – klanomath Jun 3 '16 at 12:45
  • @klanomath No, I specifically set up a DNS relay (pfSense). Many new routers come with DNS built in (DNSMasq) – Allan Jun 3 '16 at 12:51

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