I want to make a shortcut for keyboard layout switching. The problem is I want it to be one key and I want this key to be specific "right cmd". Previously I used PuntoSwitcher to switch layout by cmd press but it works for left and right cmd and this is not behaviour I expecting.

Also, I tried to use betterTouchTool, but i cannot make 1 key shortcut there.

Is there any way to achieve this behaviour?

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Here you go! https://github.com/tekezo/Karabiner

disregard below, only there for history.

~Sadly I did a lot of research on the modifier keys for OS X a while ago, and you cannot differentiate left and right cmd modifiers.~ However the keybind normally for changing keyboard configuration is cmd-control-space for myself. Thats the normal configuration to select the next input source.

This is kind of like the annoying fn modifier that has no use but Functions 1-12. But that can be fixed with software.

Would have posted as comment, but I can't post commends yet.

edit: Oh, and shortcuts always require two key presses. A modifier and a primary. Otherwise things wouldn't operate quite normally if you understand what I mean. Such as allowing an [a-z] key to be launching an app.


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