How can I connect dual monitors with DVI or Display Port or HDMI to my single USB-C Port on my 2016 MacBook?

  • have you found out how to connect two monitors (both HDMI/DVI) to one single USB-C port?
    – mathieug
    Commented Dec 29, 2016 at 11:23

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I don't have a Macbook 2016 but you could try this (or more cheaply a third party cable that converts USB3A to DVI/DisplayPort/HDMI) connected to this connected to your Macbook.

You may want to look at the review for the second one. Apparently it has some reliability issues.


The 2016 Macbook doesn't support more than 1 external display. From Everymac.com:

enter image description here

However, that being said, I have seen folks add a second screen (a second projector) using a USB to video adapter.

enter image description here

I have never had the need or opportunity to try this myself, so YMMV.

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