Looking for an extension that will block websites from disabling right click or text selection.


I found this Safari Extension called Right Click.

This extension re-enables the right-click, selection and copy function on website which block those

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Blocking right-click in browser is usually accomplished by using JavaScript. To prevent it, you can either:

  • Install a JS-blocking plugin (like JS Blocker).

    It will likely block other scripts from running too, so you need to customise it. Especially if content is also displayed with the usage of scripts.

  • Enable Show Develop menu in menu bar (in Safari -> Preferences -> Advanceed)

    Expand Develop menu and select Disable JavaScript.

Credits to Dan for the second idea.

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    If you enable the “Develop” Menu (Preferences; Advanced) it’s possible to temporarily disable Javascript once the page is loaded, no extensions required. – Dan Jun 2 '16 at 12:33

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