How do you increase the font size in the Mac App Store? I have just gotten a new Apple Cinema Display and I'm getting used to the higher resolution. I like it and don't wish to lower it. I have just been increasing the font size etc. wherever I can. The only place where I've found it to be a real issue is in the Mac App Store.

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Having just checked all prefs that I thought might have an effect on this, the only option I found was in the "Seeing" tab in Universal in System Preferences. There, you have a Keyboard shortcut available to turn on/off Zoom.

Sorry, but that is the best answer I can give you. Perhaps others will chime in with something better.

  • Right, I have actually been using zoom quite a bit for Mac App Store. The obvious drawbacks to that is the pixelation and the need to zoom out after finishing; plus it's a little disorientating.
    – John
    Sep 3, 2011 at 16:03

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