I am thinking about getting a used non-retina iMac with these specs:

Core i7 3,5 GHz
GTX 775M

Since I own two Apple 27" Displays I'd like to hook these up via Thunderbolt/MDP.

My question is: Can the iMac handle all the 3 displays (including the built-in one) or will I have UI lag/stutter? Will the iMac get hot? How would the fan noise be with this setup?


I am assuming that you are referencing a 27" Late 2013 iMac because there is no 21" iMac that has that specific CPU frequency.

You can have up to two external displays connected via Thunderbolt according to the specs posted on EveryMac.com

enter image description here

I have used 30" and 43" displays with my iMac and there has been zero lag. I also only have SSDs (no hard drives) so I have had zero issues with heat, even with multiple displays.


Here are the steps:

  • Go to the Apple Menu (top-left hand corner)
  • Click About this Mac
  • Check your graphics card,

What does it tell you it can handle?

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