I'm looking for a way to have syntax highlighting for my source codes in El-Capitan's QuickLook without installing TextMate. Previously I had TextMate and I got hooked to this feature.

Googling this bring some really old posts on web such as:

How do I get syntax highlighting of source code files within Quick Look back in Lion?

These are not maintained anymore based on their SVN/Git repo:QLColorCode and colorqc2

Surprisingly there are also some people who wants to get rid of syntax highlighting after installing TextMate:

Remove Quicklook Syntax Highlighting with TextMate2?

Having syntax highlighting is essential for me but I don't want to install a full featured text editor just to use on library of it!

My rationale in not installing TextMate on my El-Capitan is that I have RStudio and Atom which are way more customized/customizable than TextMate.

I would appreciate any suggestion/solution that is maintained properly, work with el-capitan.


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Finally ... I found page providing some QuickLook solutions based on Homebrew's caskroom:

brew cask install qlcolorcode

This is based on a fork from and old repository but is maintained and developed quite well at least until today.

I gave it a shot and it works just fine, though I still prefer the dark theme of TextMate :)

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