I have iOS 9.3.2 but this bug has been bother me for a long time so I'm sure it was present before version 9.3.2. When I'm on the first page of apps on my home screen I swipe to the right to access "Siri Suggestions". I love this feature and use it heavily. But the very first contact seems to be wrong most of the time. It always shows a dude I NEVER communicate with. I've looked through all my texts, e-mails, etc and I have received nothing from him. I have even deleted him from my contacts, restarted my phone, and he still appears as the first suggestion. This usually happens 90% of the time with this one guy but a couple other times another random person I never speak to shows up. What gives?!?! I'm sick of seeing this damn dudes face :)

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Finally figured it out!!! That person a long time ago had invited me to a Facebook event that last many many days in a row. I never declined or ignored the event and I also had my iOS calendar set to show Facebook events. I declined and ignored the event in Facebook, he still appeared, but I didn't wait long (maybe that takes a while to refresh). I was impatient so I just turned off showing my Facebook events in the calendar app all together. He finally disappeared.

  • Disabling them in Settings>General>Spotlight Search>Siri Suggestions.
  • Hard restart of device. (Hold Power and Home buttons until device restarts. NOT DFU RESET)
  • Re-Enable in Settings>...Siri Suggestions
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    Can you explain how this fixes the OP's issue?
    – Allan
    Jul 24, 2016 at 15:19

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