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Ask Different: Why does rotating a TIFF in Preview increase the file size?

One thing I don't like about the Preview application is that even something as simple as rotating an image 90 degrees requires Preview to re-encode the file, adding an alpha channel in the process. This results in a file that is 10% to 20% larger than the original, with no added benefit. This size difference may not matter much on a 5 MB file, but on a 500 MB file, it is a nuisance.

Are there any applications that can rotate a TIFF image 90 degrees without re-encoding it and altering the image in any other way? The source of the TIFF is a scanner, which does not offer a rotation feature.

I did a search and all I found were JPEG programs.

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GraphicConverter ($40 shareware) is the "Swiss Army Knife" of graphics applications.
The list of what it can do & the file types it can handle runs to pages, far too much to even précis here.

The one thing it's very good at is 'not doing anything you didn't ask it to do' so for instance, it won't add an alpha channel if all you want to do is rotate an image.

Being "Shareware" in the good old-fashioned sense, if you run over the trial period it doesn't cease to function, unlike many other apps, so you can continue to use it until you decide it's worth your money.

No affiliation, it's just a cracking good product that I've been using for perhaps 20 years :-)

  • I tried GraphicConverter and it did disappoint. All I did was rotate the TIFF and save, and the file size increased. The file size increased about 60%, which is much worse than Preview. – Kyle May 28 '16 at 3:14

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