We broke our Apple TV 4 remote, and bought a replacement. However, the new one does not appear to control the Apple TV. Do I need to take any steps to get the new remote to control my existing Apple TV 4?


Make sure the old Apple TV Remote is out of Bluetooth range, then while in front of the Apple TV set top box press a button on the new remote. This should pair the remote to the Apple TV.

If not, try pressing Volume Up and Menu simultaneously on both remotes for 2-3 seconds, new and old, then do the aforementioned steps again with the new remote.

  • Pressing Volume Up and Menu at the same time in front of the Apple TV on the new remote did the trick. For good measure, I put the old remote as far as I could in the back yard. :) Thanks so much! – Swisher Sweet May 24 '16 at 22:13

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