Hello I am trying to connect my late 2013 MacBook Pro with mini DisplayPort/ Thunderbolt to Dell 3007WFP 30" monitor. It is connecting fine, but the resolution is very poor. What is the best DVI adaptor; I'm looking at Apple, Kanex iAdapt, or Monoprice. What would be the best option to get 2560x1600 resolution?


I had this exact same monitor about a 18 months ago (or so). That particular monitor requires a dual link DVI connection and most mDP to DVI aren't dual link.

The one product that I found that worked really well was [Kanex iAdapt Mini DisplayPort / Thunderbolt to DVI Adapter + USB][1]

I tested this on an iMac 27, a 2009 MacBook Pro, and a Surface Pro 3. All were able to display full resolution with no problem.

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