[OS X 10.11, Safari 9.1]

When I enable the developer tools and select Show Web Inspector from the Develop menu I don't see anything at all like the Web Inspectors shown in Apple documentation and various web pages I found by search. Can someone explain my problem and how to solve it?

Here's what I get by opening the Web Inspector on the page I am at when writing this request.

enter image description here Apple's documentation shows the following: (My guess is that the dramatic coloring is just for the documentation and doesn't appear in the actual tool.

enter image description here


The screenshot you have from the documentation is simply taken from an older version of Safari. And yes, the coloring is just for illustrative purposes in the documentation.

On your own screenshot, you can click the "+" button to the next of the Elements tab to gain access to the extra stuff you see in the documentation - for example Debugger, Timelines, Storage, Network, etc.

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    – jksoegaard
    May 20 '16 at 15:21

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