My Macbook Pro just updated its iTunes to 12.4, and now I cannot figure out how to navigate my Podcasts. In the previous version, I had a list of Podcasts in the sidebar, and I could select one to see a list of all current and previous episodes. Now all I see is "Most Recent" and everything is jumbled together in one list.

Is there a way to restore the previous behavior of listing the Podcasts individually?

Relevant screenshots: iTunes 12.2 iTunes 12.4


In the sidebar at the top you have the Podcasts option (just above the Stations one you have just selected) which seems to do what you want - you will see a list of all of your podcasts in the middle column. Then you can switch between unplayed/feed tabs in the right column to see all episodes or just the unplayed ones.

Depending on the defaults the view might be reduced to a text-only list.

Edit including comment from @JosephLeedy:

In order to obtain the three column view similar to the old look, after clicking on "Podcasts," you have to go to View > View Options in the menu (or press ⌘J) and change View As from Classic List to List.

  • I saw that list, but it is extremely hard to read on a small screen. I just want to get the old layout back if that is possible. I might have to find a way to downgrade iTunes... May 17 '16 at 15:12
  • 2
    After clicking on "Podcasts," you have to go to View > View Options (or press <kbd>⌘J</kbd>) and change "View As" from "Classic List" to "List". Thanks! May 17 '16 at 15:23
  • @JosephLeedy I came here because I had the same problem, and your comment above solved it for me. You should post it as an answer to your own question.
    – mweiss
    May 20 '16 at 0:26
  • @mweiss Thanks! Originally it was an answer, but then I deleted it and made it a comment so that I could give Josef Legény the "accept". May 20 '16 at 12:27

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