I just fixed a few bugs and minor things after the initial version of an application was released into the app store. I've uploaded the binary to iTunesConnect but I see nowhere to change over the build version. Is it correct that every time a new version/build(1.0.1 -> 1.0.2) is uploaded it has to go through review?

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Yes. Apple requires that every new build, regardless of how small, go thru the App Review processes. If you have a bad bug and need to get a fix out there quickly, you can request an expedited review.


As soon as an App has been already reviewed, uploading a new binary requires a new revision.

Extracted from Apple's Replacing your App with a New Version:

You will only be able to add a new version for a new platform or a platform that has a Ready for Sale or Developer Removed from Sale version. If a platform version has not completed the app review process—it has a status such as Prepare For Submission or Waiting For Review—you can replace the build in the existing version instead of adding a new version.

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