So, I have tried a lot of stuff but my App Store keeps getting stuck downloading the OS update that you see in the first picture below.

App Store Screenshot

I have tried canceling, restarting, deleting some files Library/Updates folder, also deleting some files in open $TMPDIR../C

The last thing I tried was doing what is suggested in this question Mac App Store update stuck (Installing - Calculating...)

I am getting desperate because no matter what I do, when I try again, the update hangs at 125mb and the waiting time keeps going up when I wait.

enter image description here

What are my options at this point?

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The simplest might be to just bypass the App Store altogether & get the update manually - this will only work if you are already on El Capitan, any version, which the App Store picture would indicate you are.

Just fetch the 10.11.4 Combo Updater directly from Apple. This will bypass the App Store's delta updater, & also likely clean up whatever is causing the issue in the first place, by re-applying all updates since 10.11.0

  • Will try and get back to you May 14, 2016 at 16:42
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    you were right. Thank you. I did not even know that tool existed May 14, 2016 at 20:28

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