Some applications will signal to the OS that they can open special link type, such as ssh:// or github-mac://. They get automatically opened for such links by the web browser (or when using open in a terminal). If I have multiple such applications, how can I set which one should be the default?

For example, both GitHub Desktop and SourceTree can handle github-mac://. When I installed GitHub Desktop, it became the default handler for these links. How can I set SourceTree as the default handler without uninstalling GitHub Desktop?


You can do that with a freeware app called RCDefaultApp. It's ancient, but still works on El Capitan.
Update April 2019 - still works on Mojave too.

You can define the default app for any URL scheme.

I don't have one for github, but this shows how you can set, for example, ftps specifically to any installed app that supports the protocol.

enter image description here

  • it doesn't support extra parameters and adding custom cmd – NeverBe Apr 16 at 0:53

You can also try this: https://onflapp.wordpress.com/lincastor/. It allows you to register arbitrary url schemes such as chrome-devtools://

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