After deciding I dont want Apple managing any of my music through iCloud I decided to log out of iTunes. Now I am constantly getting an annoying message from iTunes that says:

your iCloud music library session has expired

It's very obvious to me that it is expired, as I signed out. How can I get iTunes to stop pestering me with this reminder? I press esc or CANCEL and it comes back 2 or 3 times before it quits for about 15 minutes then asks me again. I Have to keep hitting CANCEL for it to go away.

Running iTunes on OSX 10.9.5


I may have found an answer. Navigate to iTunes and on the top menu items navigate to the STORE tab. From there sign out of iTunes, and then log in again.

I restarted Itunes just to double check and everything looks good. I haven't been prompted by the annoying message!

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