When I recieve an calendar invite and send an 'accept' the message itself is being deleted out of my mail box. I know the invite itself is able to stay in your mailbox but the big question is how?!

Does anyone know how to keep your outlook calendar invite as an e-mail?


As noted on the official microsoft forum it's not a feature on outlook for mac. This feature is only available at the Windows versions of outlook and never been a feature of the mac version.

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Recently, my work allowed us to connect to Exchange via Mac. I have used, for years BusyMac's BusyCal because it has far superior Alert window options (that just matters a lot to me.) I put my account creds into BusyCal and have been getting sync perfectly. Today, not sure why, I wondered what would happen if I accepted a meeting from BusyCal instead of Outlook.

Answer: It keeps the invitation in the Inbox! (Something I have wanted so much, too).

Up to you if having that matters enough to buy BusyCal. But at least we have a solution until MS build it into Outlook for Mac.


It's simple (until MS changes the pref on this): just accept the invitation to the meeting from the calendar, NOT your inbox.

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