I am trying to use a GD-0912-U Intuos Graphics Tablet in OS X El Capitan‎ at a public hackerspace. They will let me install any programs on the iMac, barring that Gatekeeper believes it is from a trusted developer.

I have been able to get this tablet working in Windows 7 by installing older drivers that were found online. This tablet is obviously not going to work with current Intuos drivers.

I have managed to find drivers that will likely work, but I cannot install them unless the OS believes that the app is from a trusted developer. New drivers downloaded from the Wacom website install perfectly, and show that Wacom is the official developer. It seems that the old drivers were created before Gatekeeper existed; therefore, they do not have the proper developer information.

Is there a way to alter developer information on an Apple Disk Image?

Could I take information from recent Intuos drivers and copy it into the .dmg?


No. The developer certificate signs the application and any modification of the seal will make the validation fail.

Basically any trivial cut and paste won't work. You would need to:

  • sign up as a developer and sign your package
  • get permission from Apple to sign kernel extensions if that is the nature of the driver
  • work with the maintainers of the lab to find and install drivers for your hardware.
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You can install the drivers on your Mac (but I dont't know if they'll work properly) All you have to do is to stop temporary Gatekeeper:

  • Open the dlmg package
  • Press the ctrl key on your keyboard, and click once on the pkg file, you'll see a local menu.
  • Click "Open", you'll see the Gatekeeper alert, but with another button: "Open"
  • Click on open, and the installation will begin!
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