I created a new album in my phone and added about 90 photos to it that I've taken over the past year -- all in-phone: no iTunes, no computer, no iPhoto... When I open that album, all the photos are in random order. Is there a way to sort the album by date? Or manually drag the photos to a new order?


Sorting Manually In an album that you made (not a smart album like Time Lapses or Selfies), to move a photo around: head into that album, press Select in the top-right, hold down on the photo you'd like to move, and drag it to the place you'd like to move it to.

Sorting by date or name In the Photos app on Mac, go into an album, press "View" in the menubar, hover over Sort, and choose to either sort by date or by name.

Hope this helps!

  • This is cool but it's still a pain to do manually... why do the photos show up in the album in random order?! – pinhead May 4 '16 at 23:32
  • @pinhead I found a way to sort automatically, by date or by name. Check my answer. Note: you'll need a Mac, but it isn't difficult. – owlswipe May 5 '16 at 0:04

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