I shoot photos with my iPhone and localization services are active.

When I open a photo from my Mac Preview (tools > show inspector > exif) I can't see any geotagging data.

BUT, when I open the image with my Mac Photos it correctly positions a pin on a map.

So, my question is: why I can't see geotagging data (GPS latitude and longitude) if it is clear they are written somewhere in the image? If they weren't, how could the map position the pin correctly?

I tried various services online but I can't see any geodata either.

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If you are looking for an EXIF viewer on your Mac (which may show the location on a map or the actual GPS coordinates), I would suggest Image Exif Editor. If you look at the screenshots for this app, it clearly shows the GPS coordinates. If you are looking for something similar for your iPhone or iPad, I would recommend doing a search in the App Store using the search criteria "EXIF."

  • I think I found an answer: when you connect an iPhone to your Mac, Mac starts Photos, so you can import your pics. Now: if, from Photos, you drag an image to your desktop, it looks like it looses geodata. Instead, if you export a photo using the export menu item and you choose to export location data too, there's no such an issue
    – user165602
    May 5, 2016 at 15:09
  • Try enabling “Include location information for published items” in Photos preferences. Last I checked this also applied to drag-and-drop. blog.houdah.com/2015/12/… May 5, 2016 at 18:46

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