I'm using WireTap to record some documentary while I need to frequently make cue mark command (Command-Shift-T).

And the way I do is first use Command-Tab to switch to Wire Tap and hit Command-Shift-T, and then switch back to the player which is very annoying.

Is there a way to make the command system wide?

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Keyboard Maestro is a very powerful and easy to use keyboard macro app. If you want a multi-step process available everywhere on your Mac you can't do much better.

By "multi-step process" I mean, to use your example, no matter what app I'm using right now, pressing a certain key combination performs these steps.

  1. Quickly switch to the Wire Tap app.
  2. Press CmdShiftT in the Wire Tap app.
  3. Quickly switch back to whatever app you were previously in.

This all happens so quickly that you can barely tell any app switching occurred.

I use it to start and stop my time tracking app at the press of a keystroke, for instance, as well as ensuring that Cmd+ zooms in no matter what graphics app I'm using and Cmd- zooms out.


I think you are looking for Spark. It's a great (free!!) hot key manager for OS X. I have found it to be very useful. I don't exactly understand what you want to make system wide, but if you'll edit your question to clarify what you mean, I can give you more help with setting up the hot keys.

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