Using Mission Control I create 2 Desktops. If I create 2 different Firefox launcher files (Firefox1.app and Firefox2.app), I want to pin one Firefox1.app to Desktop-1 and Firefox2.app to Desktop-2. So that when I launch Firefox1.app it opens up in Desktop-1 and Firefox2.app opens up in Desktop-2.

Currently if I pin Firefox2.app to Desktop-2 and then launch Firefox1.app, Firefox1.app directly moves to Desktop-2.

So Mac is able to understand that both these launchers are for the same application.

Instead of directly copy pasting and renaming the Firefox installation folder, I also tried to run Firefox as a different application using Automator as specified by this link.

But this does not work too. Please let me know if this is possible to do.

Thanks in advance.

  • They need to be identified by the system as totally different apps. I tried to do it with a completely unrelated app i work closely with the developers of - they told me it would have to be done at compile time. I gave up after that, so I'm going to star this post in case anyone finds an alternative way. – Tetsujin May 3 '16 at 14:46
  • I tried something like that with Firefox a few weeks ago and after getting the following message I didn't go any farther. The messages was "A copy of Firefox is already open. Only one copy of Firefox can be open at a time." and it terminated the second occurrence attempt. I even renamed the binaries and edited the Info.plist file. I suspect it as Tetsujin mentioned, something would have to be done at compile time to have the binary executable show as other then firefox within the binary for the second occurrence to load properly. – user3439894 May 3 '16 at 15:01

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