so I have my macbook air (late 2010) and it has been working fine for a good while, now all of a sudden for no reason (Ok i may of dropped it but the drop was less than 1 foot and mac showed no damage after) but the speakers dont work and when i plug my 'kotion each' (headphones) into the port the audio symbol is grey and no audio ANYWHERE.

yes I have tried to wiggle the headphones and have looked many other places no luck...


A drop is a drop - 1 foot or 10 feet - you dropped it.

More than likely, you broke something on the I/O Board

enter image description here

This goes for around $70 on Amazon. I just purchased one to fix a friends 2012 MBA and it was super easy to fix. You just have to remove the back cover and one screw holds this board in place. It removes pretty easily.


Reboot your mac. thats all... really...

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