Is it possible to change Downloads folder in Google Chrome (or any other browser) on the fly, based on the website from which I download?

Example: I start downloading on facebook.com and it downloads the file in ~/Downloads/Facebook. If I start the download from stackoverflow.com than the file is downloaded into ~/Downloads/Stackoverflow.

How can I achieve this? I imagine it would be possible to write a Stay Open AppleScript application that starts at computer startup and than continuously check domain name of my current tab. Not sure how I would change downloads folder on the fly though...

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You could write a folder action script which would parse your downloaded files metadata and move them into folders based on kMDItemWhereFroms metadata attribute value.

Or just use Downloads Router Chrome Extension with predefined location rules.


I know two products that do near the same thing as you want:

  1. Hazel (14-Day Trial): You can write rules to do actions when events are occurred.
  2. SafariStand (Open Source): If you use OS X older that 10.11 it can be used. Although you can install SafariStand only on Safari and it organized downloaded files according to the date of download. You can use the source and find out how to customize and rebuild it.

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