I am using JavaScript for Automation in an Alfred workflow. I want to access the various environment variables that Alfred sets up. How do I access the environment variable like alfred_version?


I do not have Alfred installed however I would think the following method should work.

For example, using the Script Editor set to JavaScript the following code returned my login name.


So, I'd assume that if "alfred_version" is the actual environment variable, then the following might work as well.

  • Sorry. I have used these to get knowledge, but I think this is only my second question on one, and the only one that had an answer. I think I checked it now. But, I do not have enough reputation to upvote. – Richard Guay May 7 '16 at 6:22
  • How do you set environment variables (in my case, for testing purposes)? – BallpointBen Sep 6 '18 at 5:05

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