So I sign up for iTunes Match and expected to see all my music storage- on my phone-go down to zero Gb, so i could use the storage space for other things. Naive i guess. So am I correct that every time i want to listen to something on my Cloud Music/iTunes Match, that it downloads to my phone and then stays there taking up storage?? And can I, every so often,n just delete that Music storage under General settings>Storage>Music and wipe it back to zero? Is there a downside on doing this? I was hoping to use my recouped storage space from music for stuff like more photos or other.

  • It should give you back some space. It will match any song you have as long as it's available in the Match library. When you want to play a song from Match, it's streamed to your device. – fsb Apr 27 '16 at 19:59

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