Is .Trashes folder suppose to be empty when computer is launched in single-user mode. If not, how do I see its contents? I tried ls command, but it doesn't list anything. It could be that the Trash simply is empty, but due to an error I am working on, I cannot login into my user account to check it myself.

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There is a systemwide Trash folder as well as one per user. If you deleted files in Finder while being logged in with your user account, the deleted files are in /Users/YOUR-USER-NAME/.Trash.


The command I use while in normal mode is sudo ls -a /.Trashes and in single-user mode you don't need to use sudo.

On my system, /.Trashes is empty however ~/.Trash is not empty as I have files in my Trash.

On external volumes .Trashes in the root of the volume has directories, one for each $EUID and within those directories are the files deleted, on each volume, by each User.

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