RSA SecurID. OSX El Capitan.

The app is frequently unresponsive when the computer comes back from sleep. Response from IT Support: "it's not meant to be left running". In other words I'm supposed to quit the app right after I use it. If I don't do that, the app is unresponsive next time I need it. So I have to force quit it.

It seems like there's a whole process involved in Force Quit -- like it's gathering up a stack trace etc. Well in this case there is no point to me reporting the quit it seems; I've reported it a dozen times over the past 9 months and never seen a new version of the app.

Can I permanently elect to not send an error report for a certain application? When I need to use RSA SecurID I need it right then, not 30s later. Waiting just interrupts my workflow.


Instead of force quit you could find the name of the process(es) you want to quit using Activity Monitor and then create a script that uses the kill command to get rid of them.

Some details: Chriswrites

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