I have a Windows 10 install running in a Parallels VM on 2009 Mac Pro running OS X 10.11 and I want to access the IIS server in the VM for testing on iOS. I can reach website running in the VM from OS X without issue, but when I try and access it through an iOS device through an ad-hoc network or through the same wifi network it doesn't respond, but I am able to access websites hosted in OS X on the iOS device.

I don't want to use a third party solution, I just want local access that I can control. Has anyone been able to make this work?

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Change your network setting in parallels to be bridge mode and you should be set.

The IIS and Windows will get their own IP address so you can connect as if the PC was a physical one connected directly to the network. The Mac won't see the traffic to the server process.

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