Is it possible to tell OS X to always open one site in Chrome, and always open another site in Safari?

In a nutshell, I want to set a default browser per domain rather than globally for the entire computer.

Here's why I ask: Out of the box OS X does not come with Flash. The Chrome browser has Flash bundled, however. So I'd like to have domains that I know require Flash always open in Chrome, but everything else open in my preferred browser, which is Safari.

I'm okay with maintaining a "white list" of which sites need the "use chrome" exception, but right now I can't see any way to make it happen.

Any suggestions?

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Try to use Choosy It can prompt you to select from the browsers on your Mac so you can decide which browser is right for a particular link.



If you would rather use a free and open source app you can use Finicky.

Don't be intimidated by writing a configuration file for Finicky! If you need help you can use Finicky Kickstart to do the heavy lifting.


I made a free app called Velja to solve this problem. It also includes built-in handling of opening some URLs in their desktop apps and removing tracking parameters from URLs. You can find a comparison with Choosy here.

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