From the App Store's Review Guidelines:

Apps using IAP to purchase physical goods or goods and services used outside of the App will be rejected

So, what that statement really mean? Does it mean that purchasing apps, like clients for online stores are not accepted? If this is true, why applications like Amazon and eBay are available in the App Store?

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Amazon and eBay are not using In-App Purchases (IAP) to purchase their products. For instance, I have an app that allows an IAP for users to access other features of the app. The purchases are made in the app for something that is part of the app and the users are able to pay via iTunes/AppStore payment process.

Amazon and eBay allow you to make purchases thru their apps but they're not done for things like 'no advertising' or 'add social media access'. They're for goods and services that are not being made thru the Apple-provided buying medium, iTunes or the App Store. So these purchases are not IAP purchases.

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