With the proper gesture enabled, Lion allows using a three-finger drag to move a window. However, it only does this when the pointer is over the title bar; gesturing anywhere else in the window does a text highlight instead. Is there a hidden configuration or a hack that would allow three-finger window moving from anywhere inside the window's bounds? Thanks!

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    Not posting this as an answer because it doesn't actually work, but on the right path: BetterTouchTool allows you to set a modifier key combination that allows you to drag a window from anywhere. Click the Advanced option, then under the Action Settings area, Window Moving & Resizing tab, you can choose which modifier keys to use for such dragging. Unfortunately there's no way in BTT to set three-finger-movement to press those keys, but it may be that there's another utility out there that will. BetterTouchTool: boastr.de (it allows for all kinds of cool gesture stuff, too) – Matthew Frederick Aug 29 '11 at 6:28

Three-finger drag isn't a gesture for "move the window"; it's a gesture for "click and drag." While there might (now or someday) be third-party software that could accomplish your desired behavior, it falls beyond the scope of a simple hidden preference.

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