Hi I've just installed ZSH and it looks awesome but git icons are still missing and I don't know what I miss.

enter image description here

What I should do?


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Turns out I didn't have powerline font.

You can get it from here

After download, double click to install and set as defalut font & non-ascii font


It worked for me when I unselected the option in iterm preferences to use a different font for non-ASCII text.

enter image description here


Missing icons in this case a patched font isn't installed which is dedicated for showing specific symbols for your shell.

You can either set yourself up easy with an available repo. I should note that these patched fonts are for the Powerline extension and may or may not be compatible with other extensions.

If you wish to patch your own font, however, it's a little more involved:

  1. Download fontpatcher
  2. Using a package manager such as homebrew, install fontforge (brew install fontforge).
  3. Patch your fonts by running the fontpatcher script like such: fontforge -script /path/to/fontpatcher.py MyFontFile.ttf
  4. Update your terminal configuration to use the patched font.

Install Powerline font and then check this option in preference as in the image belowenter image description here

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