Is there a website to check iPhone and iPad device ownership similar to the way we can check iOS's version ownership like this website:



  • Can you explain again what you're asking for? iPhone and iPad are both ios devices and so are already included in the link you provided. – fsb Apr 10 '16 at 2:54
  • iOS is the operating system. I'm talking about the actual devices. How many people use the iPhone 4s as opposed to the iPhone 6s. I am an iOS developer and it would be helpful to know how many people are using which device because of the different screen sizes. – Bobby Apr 11 '16 at 18:36
  • Apple does not release similar rolled up statistics either as sales figures or active user figures. Are you looking for that yes/no answer or are you open to third party estimates? If the latter, you might explain what you found and why it's not applicable. For example - a game developer in the freemium market might have vastly different usage patterns than a pro app developer like AutoCad use base would. – bmike Apr 11 '16 at 19:48

The most recent data I've been able to find is for iPhones from 2015 and it's from Localytics. The company states they...

...examined over 100 million iPhone devices. The data for this study represents iPhones that had active app sessions logged during August 2015.

Here's the hightlights of the study, the details can be found here. enter image description here

Here's some info from Unity3D based on their usage for March, 2016. It inlcudes all Apple devices.

Top on 2016-03:

iPhone 5S: 21.0%
iPhone 6: 13.5%
iPad Mini: 9.5%
iPhone 6S: 6.7%
iPhone 5: 5.6%
iPhone 6 Plus: 5.5%
iPad Air: 5.2%
iPad Mini 2: 4.6%
iPhone 4S: 4.4%
iPad 2: 3.6%
iPad Air 2: 3.2%
iPad 4: 3.1%
iPhone 6S Plus: 2.9%
iPhone 4: 2.7%
iPhone 5C: 2.6%
iPad 3: 1.8%
iPod Touch 5th: 1.3%
iPod Touch 6th: 0.9%
iPad Mini 3: 0.8%
iPad Mini 4: 0.7%
iPad Pro: 0.2%
Apple TV 4: 0.0%
iPod Touch 3rd: 0.0%

As a developer, I just use AutoLayout and not worry about what device my users have. That seems to work for me but each app is different.

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