I have read through Make a FaceTime call using AppleScript, but the provided solution is for starting a video call. I am wondering if that solution can be adapted to make a FaceTime Audio call (and by extension, maybe even a call via iPhone utilizing Continuity).

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I found it!

I tried many different combinations, such as facetimeaudio://[phonenumber] and facetime://audio/[phonenumber], but nothing worked. I was starting to think that there wasn't a way to do this.

However, today, I decided to take another crack at it with some different combos, and this one works: facetime-audio://[phonenumber].

  • I also figured out how to make calls via iPhone to take advantage of the Continuity features. It uses the URL scheme tel://[phonenumber].
    – mdl00
    Apr 2, 2017 at 18:26

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