As many I tend to misspell some words when I type. OS X is being nice and underlines them letting me know that something was not right, if use a mouse and right click on the underlined word a menu pops up and offers the correct spelling of this word.

Is there a way to trigger this menu from the keyboard?


Sort of, but not quite in the same way - without the mouse to indicate which word you mean, it has to start from the top & work through them all...

Cmd ⌘ : will pop up the full spell-checker with which you can then navigate through the doubtful words, but once open, you need to interact with it using the mouse, even to actually make it the front-most window.

enter image description here

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    actually this is great, you can interface with it using the keyboard, using arrows to get to the spelling that you are looking for, enter to correct the word and Cmd ⌘ + W to close the pop up window, thank you – AntK Apr 7 '16 at 14:30

You may want to try Cmd: (colon), that's not exactly the same menu but it may do what you're looking for.

Source : Is there a way to spellcheck the word under the cursor with a keyboard shortcut?

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