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Some weeks ago I got a new router* and since then I encounter some local network issues from time to time (at the moment I can’t reproduce when this happens):

  1. Wifi is connected but webpages don’t load. The page stays blank and I get no message about a missing network connection.
  2. Accessing tobis-mac.local (or http://localhost, or is really slow or don’t load at all (same as 1). When I disable wifi (i.e. no network connection for my mac) the local host again is as fast as usual.
  3. While this happens The terminal promo reads

    unkown7cd1XXXXXXXXX:~ Tobi$

    (I replaced some digits with X because I have no idea if this info should be kept private …) instead of the normal

    Tobis-Mac:~ Tobi$

Some setup information

  • I’m using a MacBook Pro mid 2012 13" running OS X 10.11.4 (I made the update today. The described error occurred under 10.11.3, though).
  • My Mac is connected via Wifi; Wifi uses 2.4 GHz only and WPA (no WPS)
  • The router is the one I got from my provider, which is o2 Germany: o2 HomeBox 6641. ZyXEL Communications Corp.

I’m aware that my descriptions are rather incomplete but I am far from being an network expert so let me know if I can provide further information ;-)

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  • btw. I would also appreciate if someone could name some relevant google search terms, because I didn’t found anything myself about this issue, cause a lack of the right key words. – Tobi Apr 6 '16 at 18:20

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