I really like the annotation tool in preview, but when i annotate a jpg or png image and save it all the annotations get flattened into the image and cant be amended.

Im aware that if you annotate a PDF it lets you save the PDF then come back to it and amend, but is it possible to annotate a jpg or png and then save it as a file format that will allow it to be amended ?

Currently if you take a jpeg on png and export as a pdf it will basically print as a pdf so it again flattens the image.

Exporting it as a pdf first then annotating it would work, but that requires users to remember to do that first as if they dont they have to start again from scratch.

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Preview app and the jpg and png file formats do not have this capability. You'll need a layered image editor like the affordable Pixelmator, Acorn, or the expensive kitchen sink Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

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