The iTunesConnect help says:

Your financial reports are presented as groups of transactions, displayed in distinct rows. Each row represents a unique combination of an app, transaction type (product type identifier), price (proceeds/customer Price), store, sale or return and promo (if applicable).

But the downloaded report I have doesn't say which app sales are for. Is this because I only have sales for one app last month?

I'm wondering because I have a second app on the store now, and I have to pay royalties to people who helped with the games. So I need to know how much each app brings in each month.

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There are (free) services that do that for you. You can also generate nice looking reports for the people who helped you with the games:

  • AppFigures (we've been using them for 4+ years): http://appfigures.com
  • AppAnnie (not so much a fan personally): http://appannie.com
  • LaunchKit (goes directly to Slack, but not real "overview"): http://launchkit.io/sales
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    – Almo
    Apr 5, 2016 at 12:26

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