My son's mac running 10.11 has the hard drive named this curie HD"""""""""""
copying and pasting reveals lots of spaces after the sequence of " characters. I can't rename the HD in Finder. Every attempt fails with "The name "Curie HD"""" " can't be used. Try using a name with fewer characters or with no punctuation marks.

Note that the applications folder also shows nothing, same with documents etc. Spotlight reveals no apps. However, Finder -> Go To works.

Disk utility reports no errors.

in the shell, the HD is not visible in volumes

diskutil cs list looks like this the screen shot:

enter image description here

trying as root:

# diskutil rename / curieHD

get "Volume must be mounted" I am completely stuck.


The FileVault volume has to be unlocked and mounted.

Then try the following:

  1. Get the device node of the falsely labeled volume:

    diskutil list
  2. Rename the device with:

    diskutil rename /dev/diskX NewName

    with diskX: the device node found earlier (probably disk1)

  • diskutil /dev/disk0 newname produces Volume must be mounted – Tim Richardson Apr 3 '16 at 1:53
  • @TimRichardson The device node is with certainty not disk0. Depending how you booted your Mac it's probably either disk1 or disk2. Additionally you have to unlock the FileVault volume before executing diskutil list! You may also check diskutil cs list. The disk in your screenshot shows disk1 for the logical volume. This may change if you boot to Recovery Mode! – klanomath Apr 3 '16 at 2:04

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