OS 10.11.4 : When trying to change password of my user i am getting the following error

The password for the account was not changed The server is not available. Change your password when server becomes available

enter image description here

Things i verified

  1. I am connected to VPN
  2. I rebooted and left it alone on VPN for sometime
  3. i am able to ping my Active Directory Domain and Forest as mentioned in the following screenshot when i am on VPN. and it's ping the IP it should be pinging which is my AD

enter image description here

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Unbind from AD and then binding to AD fixed my issue

Few Pointers

  1. Bind & Unbind from Directory Utility not from the Users Group > Network Account Server > Edit
  2. It's the same screenshot as shown above in the question
  3. We also updated the Prfer this Domain Server to a new server instead of domain.com it was a specific server name

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