OS 10.11.4 : When trying to change password of my user i am getting the following error

The password for the account was not changed The server is not available. Change your password when server becomes available

enter image description here

Things i verified

  1. I am connected to VPN
  2. I rebooted and left it alone on VPN for sometime
  3. i am able to ping my Active Directory Domain and Forest as mentioned in the following screenshot when i am on VPN. and it's ping the IP it should be pinging which is my AD

enter image description here


Unbind from AD and then binding to AD fixed my issue

Few Pointers

  1. Bind & Unbind from Directory Utility not from the Users Group > Network Account Server > Edit
  2. It's the same screenshot as shown above in the question
  3. We also updated the Prfer this Domain Server to a new server instead of domain.com it was a specific server name

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