The DivX player has installed a junk notification on my Mac saying:

A new version of DivX is available.

as shown below:

A new version of DivX is available - Update Now / What's New

This stupid notification bumps up every hour or so, and there is no way to turn it off (there's no disable option when I click on it's icon). I don't want and don't need their software. I can't see the player in my Notification panel.

enter image description here

Question: How to prevent DivX from spamming me with notifications?

  • Updating is an option? Or don't you need Divx? – Rob Mar 31 '16 at 5:49
  • @Rob I don't have the software. I removed it. I don't want to install a new version because I don't need it. DivX is spamming old users to improve their market share. – SmallChess Mar 31 '16 at 5:50

Removing DivX and DivXUpdate

If you'd like to remove the DivX app along with its DivXUpdate, you need to uninstall the software.


Uninstaller you can find in /Applications/DivX folder and run Uninstall DivX for Mac.app.

Manual Removal

If above folder and uninstaller doesn't exist, just remove:

/Library/Application Support/DivX/DivXUpdate.app

To remove the associated launchd services, check first which one are registered by this Terminal command:

launchctl list | grep divx

Then disable or remove them. The following two commands will remove the jobs:

launchctl remove com.divx.update.agent
launchctl remove com.divx.dms.agent

After you may consider removing these service files from /Library/LaunchAgents (called divx).

sudo rm /Library/LaunchAgents/com.divx.update.agent.plist # For Update
sudo rm /Library/LaunchAgents/com.divx.dms.agent.plist # For DivXMediaServer

Killing notification popup

Then kill the annoying update app, type this command in Terminal:

killall DivXUpdate

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