VLC responds to the itunes control keys (you know: back, forward, pause/play) on the keyboard.

Yet when I use them, both iTunes AND VLC respond, which is quite stupid. For example: I want to pause a video playing in VLC (iTunes isn't even running) so I press play/pause, VLC pauses yet iTunes launches and starts playing.

How can I temporarily disable the control keys for iTunes?

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Running OS X Lion 10.7.2, VLC 1.1.12 -- this desired "proper" functionality suddenly appeared, perhaps as a result of the update from 10.7.1->10.7.2 the other day. Or perhaps as the result of a VLC update.

Control of VLC and iTunes via Apple Keyboard hotkeys is now decoupled. The active player responds to hotkey keypress.


I had this same issue w/ using the remote on Hulu Desktop and found the following instructions to work perfectly: http://lifehacker.com/5651055/free-your-macs-media-keys-from-itunes-no-manual-hacking-required

Basically, you download a file, double click on it and it frees your media keys from iTunes. When iTunes is open, they still work with iTunes, so you aren't breaking anything.

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