Windows offers a cascading folder browser on the menu. It enables very quick drilldown to a buried subfolder.

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How can the be done on a Mac, from the menubar or dock?

This is vaguely similar to the Mac column-browser, but it's not a finder window, it's a menu or dock widget.

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You can use the Stacks feature on the Dock to accomplish what you're asking.

You can drag and drop the Macintosh HD (or any other folder) onto the right side of the Dock, to the right of the separator line, to create a Dock item. Then right-click it, to bring up its context menu, and select List under View content as. This will give you a cascading menu of the drive.

For more information on Stacks, have a look at: Mac Basics: Stacks are your shortcut in the Dock

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In the Dock that can easily done by configuring a Dock item (in the example below my System folder) with a right-click:

  • View content as: List

Left-click Dock

Now left-click on the folder in the Dock and navigate to the destination.

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