I would like to list all the changes between 2 backups in Time Machines for a specific drive. Is there anyway to do it?


The tmutil command-line tool has a compare option that does this. Just give it the file paths to the two snapshot folders on the backup volume, and it does the rest. The paths get rather long, so it's easier to cd to the backup parent, then just specify the snapshots. For example, compare the March 27 2016 10:11:12am and March 26 5:43:21pm snapshots of a computer named "Ipinak's Mac", on a backup volume named "Backup Disk", you'd use:

cd "/Volumes/Backup Disk/Backups.backupdb/Ipinak's Mac"
tmutil compare 2016-03-27-101112 2016-03-26-174321

Timedog is a perl script that will list the files which were updated in a particular backup. It doesn't show files that were deleted, though.

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