I was reading a book (in PDF) format in iBooks, and when flipping to the next page, I got a spinning circular progress bar, and trying to flip backwards or forwards had no effect, the spinning circle just stayed there. Probably a rendering issue with the PDF file in question.

I killed iBooks (double tap on the home button then slide iBooks up), and tried opening iBooks again. It was frozen on the first page of the PDF file, and didn't respond to touches on the screen in any way. After trying a few things, including restarting the iPad, I got iBooks to work again. However, if I try to open the same file again, because it's probably trying to open the same page, and so it freezes again.

Now, since this is probably an issue with a single page, I'd like to skip this page and keep reading it, but I can't. I tried deleting the book from iBooks on the Mac, syncing, adding it back and syncing it again, but when opening it again, it's still frozen. I assume the last page read is kept in iBooks somehow, and wasn't deleted along with the file. I also tried deleting the PDF file from within iBooks for iPad, deleting it on the Mac, syncing, adding it back and syncing it again, with the same result.

I'm fairly sure if I got iBooks to reset the last page read to the beginning of the book, the problem would be solved, but I can't find a setting anywhere to do it. Basically, I'm looking for something similar to Kindle's clear furthest page read. Or, if this doesn't exist, any other "simple" solution to the problem.

Possible solutions I'd like to avoid, although I have reason to believe these would solve the problem:

  1. Deleting the iBooks app on the iPad, reinstalling it and resyncing my library. It's a huge library (many GBs) and it would take quite a while. Of course it's not a problem to do this once, but I have a feeling it's not the last time I'll need to fix this, and I'd like a quicker/simpler solution.

  2. Renaming the file before resyncing. I meticulously catalogue my books with objective rules for file names, and I'd like to avoid breaking those rules. Besides, if by accident I ever flip to the broken page again (or maybe if there are other broken pages on this same PDF), then I'll have to rename it again to a different file name that I haven't used before.

If there are no other solutions then I'll have to resort to one of these, but I'd like to learn an easier trick if possible.

  • Have you tried reading this file with another app to verify that in fact it is usable beyond the problem page? – Tom Gewecke Feb 12 '17 at 13:15

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